Providing virtual bank account

Each member of the system receives the ability to use SWIFT transfers for the own purposes without opening a bank account.

It is unique opportunity to receive international payments and to pay bills for goods or services abroad without any restrictions.

Issuing personal credit cards

UnionPay cards issued by WMT company offer: ATM - $ 20’000 per day and POS - $ 40’000 per day – these are comfortable limits for serious people.

Make purchases at supermarkets, gas stations and other stores which accept UnionPay cards, as well as withdraw money from over 1 million ATMs in 150 countries around the world.

How to order

Accepting and crediting cheques

Simplified procedure for obtaining a cheque and depositing funds. We accept cheques from commercial organizations and private persons.

The optimal solution for settlements via issuing of the bank cheques and one more option to the list of your financial capabilities.

Crediting rules

Add and
credit funds

  • International bank wire transfer
  • Bank transfer inside Russia, Ukraine and Georgia
  • Via terminals of SkySend and Payberry networks in Russia
  • Via terminals of Easypay network in Ukraine
  • Through the electronic exchange offices
  • Wire transfer via Western Union and Moneygram systems

and transfer

  • Internal transfer by phone number or WMTPID
  • To credit cards of Russian and Ukrainian banks
  • To the accounts of commercial banks
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs using personal credit card
  • Cash at the WMT offices

We aren’t greedy

For you to work with the system was really profitable, we have established one of the most loyal fees on the market completely for all operations and all available currencies.

We don’t limit

Comfortable limits for internal transfers, outgoing payments and card transactions are able to meet the most diverse needs in financial management.

We work quickly

We know the true meaning of efficiency in financial sector. Therefore, we have minimized the execution period of all possible operations. We appreciate your time.

Paying the goods and services

Cellular services
Utility payments
Any receipts
Repayment of loans
Fines payments
Games & entertainment
Internet, IP telephony
Prepaid TV
Online services

Safety - the main goal

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Confirmation of payment via SMS
  • Access to the office is protected by EV SSL certificate
  • The status of international finance company
  • All the money in the system are secured with the real funds

You’ll love our support service

  • Responsive customer support
  • Easy tickets system
  • Online Chat
  • Individual tariffs for our faithful customers
  • We are developing together with our customers' needs

Our clients

Affiliate programs
Online services
Advertising networks
Forex & exchanges
Internet users

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